Auto Dealer Blimps

Affordable Auto Dealer Blimps That Perform Well

The vast majority of the helium advertising blimps you see online are made in China using PVC. PVC is very heavy and porous as compared to polyurethane. Why would companies use PVC when polyurethane is available? PVC costs about 1/6 the price of polyurethane! You need at least a 20 feet long PVC blimp to fly outdoors without it crashing in even light winds. Our 10ft long blimp will perform much better than a 20ft. Long PVC blimp and use about 1/6 the helium. The helium retention qualities of our blimps will save you a fortune in helium costs!

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auto dealer blimps made of polyurethane, not pvc
Made in the USA advertising blimps that work!

Our blimps are available with an internal LED light which is attached to an external rechargeable battery pack for excellent night time visibility. The charge lasts for about 12 hours at full intensity. The battery is easily removed, recharged and placed back on the blimp for the next use.

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car dealers advertising blimp
Cost efficient helium advertising blimps for car dealers.

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Never buy blimps made of PVC!